Marcos (zeekar) wrote,

Connor the Jedi

Made a short, low-quality sfx video of Connor with his lightsaber:

Not bad for a first attempt, I'd say. And done with all free or cheap tools: shot with our handy-dandy FlipVideo pocket cam, split into frames with QuickTime (Pro, but I don't know if that's needed for that feature), edited (137 of) those frames individually with the Gimp, put the frames back together with QuickTime, restored the audio track and added sound effects using iMovie HD.

Any suggestions for a better way to do this sort of thing, short of shelling out $1k for Adobe After Effects, would be appreciated. :) I wrote a macro to turn the lightsaberification of a frame into a one-keypress affair once I'd used the Bezier tool to select the outline of the blade, but it was still a tad on the tedious side, and took a good chunk of a weekend just for a 10-second clip.
Tags: connor lightsaber sfx

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