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Just a day-in-the-life post, which I try not to do too often..

Jody is at work today. I'm at home with the kids. In that respect, today is a repeat of yesterday, except yesterday Jody was at work because it was a workday, and the kids and I were home because we were all sick. They have colds; I was in bed with a stomach virus, which made watching them much more . . . hazy. I'm pretty sure I just imagined Connor driving off in the new car at one point. At least he did a good job of parking it when he got back. If I imagined it, I do wonder how the windows got left open. All night in the rain with a cloth interior. But I'm not bitter.

Things have been hectic for both of us at work. I'm trying to finish a project by the end of the year that was originally slated to be finished in June. Jody's company has several pending major installations and everyone is scrambling to get things done, and Jody's job as the automated QA person is to A the Q of the releases. In general, my stuff is a lot of frustrating pauses while I wait for someone else to make a decision or complete a request, while Jody's stuff involves a lot of time-consuming test runs, so she's doing things like working weekends and staying late. She was hoping to work from home, but we're having trouble with our new WiFi router and her VPN, so she drove in.

Jody has this amazing work ethic that I often envy, where she physically can't relax if there's stuff that needs doing. I'm more the "physically can't get stuff done if there's relaxing to do" type.

Anyway, I'm pretty much recovered from my virus and the kids are OK apart from some sniffles. So today has been a pretty ordinary Dad-at-home-with-two-boys day. There have been the typical fights: over who gets to draw and who gets to erase (and what with); who gets to put the first envelope of instant oatmeal in the bowl, and why that same person shouldn't also get to put in the first cup of water. We played Hide-and-Seek until Connor cried because I found him first after he distinctly told me to find Chase first. We made a Samus Aran arm-cannon out of paper, crayons, tape, and a giant tumbler, and now Connor is making a rocket ship out of Thomas the Tank Engine railway tracks.

And of course I got called to do some work myself this afternoon, which ate a couple hours, and will probably have to dial in to finish the task at some point.

But the good news is, Jody just called to say she's heading home. Yay! We're going to a small gathering this evening with some folks we like to hang with but don't get to often enough, so the weekend is looking up..
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